I'm Sr. Helena of Mary. I'm a Carmelite Sister for the Aged and Infirm. I live in Germantown, NY. with my Community. My blog is called "Salt of the Earth" because that is what Jesus asked his disciples to be. I hope I meet many friends here and witness to the beauty of our Catholic Faith and the love of God!


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Anonymous asked:

How does everyday life for carmelites look like?

It all depends on where one Sister is stationed.  The religious and Community acts are timed differently in the different homes because of the Resident’s schedule and the demands of ministry. However, the following essentials are in every Home- Morning and Evening Prayer, Community Mass, Community meals (lunch is usually a pick-up, evening meals are together), Rosary together, an hour of meditation, spiritual reading, monthly recollection/Confession. The rest of the day’s hours are spent with the residents or being in the office, or whatever the Sister’s assignment may be.  Check our website at http://www.carmelitesisters.com/prayer-life.htm#.U08JG7SwXIA for more information.

Anonymous asked:

Are carmelites allowed to own mobile phones?

Yes. Carmelites are permitted to use mobile phones. The active Sisters, Friars and Brothers are permitted.